Wood Borer Control

Wood Borer is also known as Woodworm and Furniture Beetle. The larvae of these pest eats wood, untreated wooden furniture. Borer Beetle larvae emerge from eggs laid by the adult beetles on bare wood or old flight holes. The larvae eat their way through the interior of the wood and then pupate just below the surface before emerging as an adult and eating their way out creating a new flight hole.

The small brown beetle adults fly off, mate and the females lay eggs on bare wood, completing the life-cycle. Wood Borer attacks our wooden artifacts, furniture etc create a lot of economical damage. Hence it is important to keep an eye for small holes in wooden articles which is the first sign of wood borer presence.

To control wood borer we use the latest control methods to inject chemicals. The injected chemicals kills all the borer entered in the furniture. Later a layer of chemical is sprayed to prevent further infestation. Available in Single service with 1 Year warranty